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The After Party is the one You Want to Attend

July 13, 2010

This story starts shortly before the conference ends…

DISCLAIMER: this story proceeds in a manner not befitting of the typical “academic comport”

When we last left off, Charles and I had just skipped out on the final speech. Here is a picture of our intrepid adventurers:

Icelandic Charles

Katie says “Safety First!!!”

I tried to find a goofy photo

As we had learned the previous night, the hot tub closes at 9:00 pm, and based on the time the speech was taking, it would be closed well before the professor had finished. As Katie had opted to stay behind and do something crazy like study for some history class or something, we quickly reconvened up at the room.

This is where things get embarassing

We’d had enough premeditation to bring the cube of beer left over from the ill-conceived time all the anthropologists decided to go camping, and because there was no glass allowed at the pool area, we were forced to improvise. Namely, pouring all the bottles of various types of beer into the champagne cooler provided by the hotel.

Once at the hot tub, we used emptied water bottles to scoop the liquid out of the small container. We learned 2 things: water bottles make poor scoops, and that it’s kindof awkward to drink in front of a strange family with a child. But we persevered, and had a great time. Eventually, though the time came to leave and head back to the hotel room.

From there, we decided to head down to the casino floor, with the intention of earning free drinks by playing the penny slots. This plan was shortly thereafter abandoned and we proceded to purchase a box of wine from a store. On our way back up from the lobby, we ran into some of our fellow conference-goers, and we learned of both a band and belly dancing. After drinking a bit of wine, we went back downstairs and found our acquaintances and the music. Even in Reno, I had found a place to do swing dancing!

Then, we decided to take the party back upstairs.

Here’s the good thing about conferences: you may be regarded as a super-nerd for talking about linguistic variation among sociolects-in normal society-but at a conference, all of a sudden, people are not just interested, they get it! And they contribute!

As the conversation flowed, so did the box-wine, all the way from topics of anthropology’s role in the military to the fact that anthropologists do psychedelics and people should get over it. As far as I can tell, it’s true. Katie and I also became embroiled in a bizarre game that involved throwing a bottle cap into the beer bucket, the loser would have to refill the other’s cup.

This wonderful vibe continued until the wee hours of the morning, and finally, when everyone left, it was about 4. Waking up the following morning was hard.

Moderately concerned about wine stains, we checked out the following morning and headed out. This time, instead of taking 10 hours, it took us about 12, more like what google maps claimed. That did include, however stopping at a random restaurant along the way and having all-you-can-eat pancakes. AMAZING

We arrived back in Flagstaff around 11:30 that evening, just in time to spend the night studying for final exams the following day. All in all, the trip was a success!

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  1. Orion permalink
    July 13, 2010 2:40 pm

    Unfortunate: When one isn’t an academic, one doesn’t have an excuse for that sort of talk.
    Fortunate: One can hang around with academics. And drink wine.

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