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South Western Anthropological Association

February 5, 2010

Hello again, so here’s the deal:

Cool anthropology picture of the Week:

I don't know why, but Richard Leakey looks like a mad scientist. maybe it's the skulls...


The South Western Anthropological Association is holding a their annual conference, and deadlines for submissions are this coming Monday! As it turns out, the theme is Place, Space, Environment and Climate. This is a popular theme this year, and it will be interesting to see what subjects the speakers bring to the table. The conference itself is in Reno, Nevada, and looks like it’s going to be fun. Also included is a student paper competition, the grand prize being 200 dollars, due in just 25 days, as of this writing. So in order to present, I’ve written an abstract to compliment my submission to the competition, and I should be turning that in sometime tomorrow. Here is a draft, so be kind and give me some constructive criticism!

Politicians, Scientists, and the War on Environmental Responsibility

The thought of environmental responsibility conjures images of drowning polar bears and melting ice caps, but these images are themselves a problem. The controversy surrounding global warming is politically and financially motivated, and serves as a smoke-screen for the true issue: environmental responsibility. As the argument over climate change rages, we are faced with many other human caused disasters including a decrease in biodiversity on par with the mass-extinction event that occurred at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age. In addition, the chronic under representation of indigenous rights in environmental issues all the way from the Klamath River in California to Arizona’s very own Black Mesa are the direct results of government and private interests. Drawing on extensive source materials and my own experience with the sustainability movement in Arizona, I will examine the motivations against environmental responsibility, address the potential impact of these ongoing threats, and discuss the possibility of resolution to these problems.

So there it is, anything you people care to share, let me know!

(by the way, here are some links to important sites) SWAA Home, SWAA facebook page

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