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Hiking that Damn Hill

February 4, 2010

So up here in Flagstaff we got some crazy snow.  Something like 5-7 feet in fact! As a result, NAU had basically a snow-week. It seems as though there was some sort of divine prevention when it comes to actually getting to the slopes though, so my friend and fellow snowboarder Eamon and I decided to take advantage of a rockin’ hill behind his house. Fresh powder, steep grade, and lots of trees and bushes-it can’t get better than that. So we proceeded to hike that thing. As it turns out, over a mile in snow that is between 2-4 feet deep (considering the area, not as much snow had piled up) is drastically more work than one would expect. Throw in a really steep hill and three hours later we had reached the top and experienced one of the most excellent views in Flagstaff. Seriously, the way it looks, you might not even guess that it’s Arizona. Anyway, after that hike we rested a bit, then booted up and rode all the way back down! And it was totally awesome!

As a side-note, one of the most popular ski resorts in AZ is twenty minutes or so out of Flag, and there’s a lot of controversy surrounding it. Mainly, the fact that indigenous  concerns have been completely overruled by both the private parties that run Snowbowl and the state and federal governments to which those indigenous have appealed to generates a fair amount of conflict.  The mountain itself is a place of spiritual significance for many locals, especially the Hopi and the Dineh. For the time that they have had a say in US politics they have opposed development on the mountain, but the interests of the people running the mountain typically win out. The most recent development is the issue of snow making using reclaimed water. Here is a link to the wikipedia article about the resort and mountains

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  1. Kevin permalink
    February 7, 2010 6:27 pm

    Great pics! Great blog!

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